Hi, I am John, a computer technician from the United States. I have worked in IT for over ten years and specialize in troubleshooting hardware, software, and networking issues.

My expertise has also allowed me to write reviews on computer peripherals, particularly monitors. I have tested dozens of different brands and models, so I can confidently provide recommendations to help buyers make informed decisions about their purchases.

As a tech enthusiast, I’m always looking for ways to improve my knowledge base and stay up-to-date with new technologies.

As a computer technician, I support software and hardware repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Regarding hardware, I focus mostly on personal computers and can diagnose problems related to power supply, hard drives, RAM, fans, motherboards, etc. For software issues, my services include resolving system errors or conflicts with drivers or applications.

I also know about network systems, so I can help set up local area networks (LANs) and configure routers. In addition to these technical duties, I also offer customer service when dealing with clients and their IT needs.

So if you ever need assistance or computer advice, feel free to get in touch! Thank you for reading!