BenQ PD2700U 27″ 4K Monitor Review

Quick Features:

  • Fitted with slim bezels on the LCD
  • Has been professionally calibrated
  • Fitted with amazing IPS panel technology
  • Comes with many amazing ports and connectivity options
  • It is factory calibrated
  • It has amazing HDR technology
  • Very robust and sturdy

BenQ PD2700U 27″ Monitor Review

BenQ PD2700U 27" Monitor

Next up we have the BenQ PD2700U Monitor which is one of the underdogs of the monitor world as it comes with so many amazing features but because it might not be the most stylish product out there today, it gets a really bad rep for it. However, we are here to set the record straight as many viewers will agree that amazing premium quality features are far better than design.

In terms of design, this device comes with monotone black plastics and its own branding elements which make it a very modern and durable looking device. Even though it feels like it might be lacking when it comes to style, this device has a build quality that feels robust and there are even slim bezels on three sides of the LCD panel for an amazing performance.

Another amazing element of this device is that the screen’s stand is additionally tough and offers a full scope of movement, including turn into picture mode. BenQ has similarly granted the PD2700U with a better than an average exhibit of ports, including both norm and Mini DisplayPort contributions to 1.4 spec, an HDMI 2.0 attachment, and a USB 3.0 center point. This makes connectivity with just about any kind of device so much easier and you can always be easily connected.

As we have mentioned before, this is not a device that will ensure that you get all of the amazing features that more premium devices will undoubtedly offer you, however, you will find a moderately priced and reliable one. While this device may not have amazing frame rates of 120 Hz or wow you with amazing HDR qualities, you will see that it is still a very reliable and high performing device.

Talking about adjustment, each PD2700U comes expertly aligned and calibrated from the factory. This is one of the reasons why with this device you get the most amazing results. This means that you won’t find any signs of compression in either the black or the white scales and your viewing angles will be very accurate.

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Even though it isn’t the most impressive, this device still comes with amazing HDR functionality even though it is rather limited thanks to the relatively low brightness and lack of dimming capabilities. However, as a saving grace, this device does at least allow for the processing of HDR content and this feature enhances the screen’s overall visual performance. Similarly for this device, the 1,300:1 static contrast ratio ensures the most reasonably low black levels.

Even though its HDR capabilities might not be up to the mark, it does, however, present users with 4k technology and that combined with a 27-inch board it makes for the most awesome picture and video lucidity. The 4k option is not just limited to images but is just as amazing with motion and animation.

Finally, in terms of pixels and the accuracy of the color, this device is hooked with an IPS board. At the end of the day, the PD2700U conveys amazing exactness and doesn’t waste time.

  • 27 inch panel
  • Not the most stylish

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