BenQ pd3200u vs LG 32un880 monitors

Regarding features, the Benq PD3200U and LG 32UN880 monitors are quite comparable. Both have a resolution of 3840 x 2160, a refresh rate of 60Hz, and a contrast ratio of 1000.1. However, there are some subtle differences that may sway users in one direction or another.

The response time on the BenQ PD3200U is 4 ms, while the LG 32UN880 has a 5 ms response time. That extra millisecond can make a difference when gaming or watching movies. Each monitor’s size is also different – the BenQ PD3200U is 32″, while the LG 32UN880 is 31.5″. With only half an inch separating them, this may not be a huge factor in the decision.

The last differentiating feature between these two monitors is their brightness level. The Benq PD3200U has a brightness of 250 nits, while the LG 32UN880 offers 350 nits. That extra 100 nits can make a difference in clarity and color accuracy, making the LG 32UN880 the more attractive choice for anyone who needs accurate colors for video editing or photography work.

Overall, it is clear that both Benq PD3200U and LG 32UN880 have great features that could suit any user’s needs. However, depending on one’s preferences, they may benefit from opting for one monitor over the other – such as gamers favoring the Benq PD3200U’s response time or creative professionals preferring the LG 32UN880’s brighter display. It comes down to personal preference and budget when deciding between these two great monitors.

Comparison Table

Comparing the BenQ pd3200u and LG 32un880 is important to ensure users can make an informed decision when selecting a monitor. A clear side-by-side comparison of their features allows potential buyers to weigh up all the different aspects, such as resolution, refresh rate, response time, and brightness – allowing them to decide which monitor best suits their needs and budget. Comparing monitors in this way also helps users assess value for money as they can more easily compare how each model performs against its price tag.

  Features    BenQ pd3200u    LG 32un880
  Brand  BenQ      LG  
  Model      PD3200U      32UN880
  Dimensions (H*W*D mm)  H: 641.66 x 740.28 x 223.62   L: 491.66 x 740.28 x 223.62    724 x420 x46
  Net Weight without stand (kg)    8.5  6.3
  Height Adjustment    150 mm  130 mm
  Pivot    90°  90°
  Tilt (down/up)    -5° ~ 20°  25° / 25°
  Swivel (left/right)    45° / 45°    280° / 280°  
  Screen Size    32″  31.5″
  Panel Type    IPS  IPS
  Resolution  3840 x 2160 at 60Hz  3840 x 2160p Ultra HD/ UHD +4k/2160p
  Brightness    350 nits  350 nits
  Contrast    1000 : 1  1000 : 1
  Display Colors    1.07 Billion  1.07 Billion
  Color Bit    30bits  30 bits (8 bit +FRC) Panel Depth
  Color Gamut     RGBs  RGBs
  Display Area in mm    708.40mm  801mm
  Aspect Ratio    16 : 9  16 : 9
  Response Time    4ms(G2G)  5ms
  Viewing Angle    178 by 178  178 by 178
  Flicker-free Technology    Yes  Yes
  Screen Coating    Anti-Glare  Anti-Glare / Matte[3h]
  Eye Protector    Yes  Yes
  Low Blue Light    Yes  Yes
  Built-in Speaker    5W x 2  5W x 2
  Audio Line In    Yes  Yes
  Headphone Jack    Yes  Yes
  Color Temperature (feature)    Normal (6500°K) + User Mode + Reddish (5700°K) + Bluish (9300°K)      ________
  AMA (feature)    Yes  Yes
  HDCP    2.2  2.3
  Card Reader    Formats SD / SDHC / SDXCMMC HDCP 1.4 2       _______
  Video Format Support    Yes  Yes
  KVM    Yes  Yes
  Animation mode    Normal (6500K) +User Define + Reddish (5700K) +Bluish (9300K)     ______
  Dual View    Yes  Yes
  CAD/CAM mode    Yes  Yes
  OSD controller    Yes  Yes
  DisplayPort    DP 1.2 X 1  DP 1.2 X 1
  Mini Port    DP 1.2 x 1  DP 1.2 X 1
  HDMI    2 x HDMI 2.0  2 x HDMI 2.0  
  USB    3.0 X 4  1 xType-c 2×3.0
  Power Consumption    <110W  <110W
  Typical Power Consumption    44W  36W
  Max Power Consumption    110W  45W
  Certification    1.Energy Star 7.0
2.Epeat Sliver
3. TCO Certified Display 7.0

CB Scheme, RCM
  Software    Display Pilot      ______
  Lunching Date    2016  2020

Power Consumption

The LG 32UN880 is the more up-to-date model of the two and offers increased energy efficiency. With a power consumption of just 45 watts, this is significantly less than the 110 watts required to operate the Benq PD3200U. This could be an important factor in deciding which monitor to purchase – especially for those looking to save on their electricity bill. Not only that, but the reduced power consumption also contributes to a better environmental footprint as it uses much less energy overall. All in all, if you’re looking for a modern monitor with great features that don’t cost too much in terms of electricity bills or environmental impact, then the LG 32UN880 might be your best bet.


The Benq PD3200U has more certifications than the LG 32UN880. This is important for those looking for a monitor with specific safety and quality standards – such as meeting energy efficiency requirements or making sure it conforms to electromagnetic compatibility standards. The Benq PD3200U has certifications from organizations such as Energy Star 7.0 (energy saving), EPEAT Sliver (environment friendliness), and TCO Certified Display 7.0 (environment and social friendly). In contrast, the LG 32UN880 only has CB Scheme (for safety standards) and RCM CISPR 32 certification (Australian Electronic Equipment Standard). These extra certifications make the Benq PD3200U an attractive option for anyone looking for reassurance that their purchase meets industry-recognized safety and quality standards. Ultimately these extra certifications could be a deciding factor when choosing between the two monitors, especially for those looking for something reliable and long-lasting.

Builtin Speakers

The built-in speakers of both Benq PD3200U and LG 32UN880 offer great sound quality. These speakers can be used for listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, making them an attractive addition to any user’s setup. The built-in 5W x 2 speakers also don’t require the hassle of extra wires or add-ons which makes them even more convenient. Ultimately, having great sound quality and a convenient all-in-one package makes these monitors a great option for anyone looking for a cost-effective upgrade.

Resolution comparison

Both  BenQ pd3200u and LG 32un880 have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

The resolution of 3840 x 2160 is capable of producing incredibly sharp and detailed images, making it perfect for those who need a monitor for graphics-intensive tasks like gaming. With such high resolution, users can get the most out of their setup and experience a more immersive environment than ever before. The excellent visuals also make these monitors ideal for multimedia purposes like watching movies or editing photos. All in all, Benq PD3200U and LG 32UN880 are fully equipped to provide an incredible viewing experience – no matter what task it’s used for.

Display Panels

The IPS panel of both Benq PD3200U and LG 32UN880 offers improved viewing angles. This means that users can enjoy great visuals from any angle, making these monitors perfect for those who need an ultra-wide view or multiple displays side by side. In addition, the IPS panel also provides better contrast and color accuracy than traditional LCDs – making it well-suited for graphics editing tasks such as photography or video production. With its improved performance over regular LCDs, the IPS display makes both Benq PD3200U and LG 32UN880 standout options in their category. All in all, users can expect excellent visuals no matter how they use these monitors.

Tilt down and swivel feature

The LG 32UN880 offers more flexibility regarding its range of motion, as it can tilt down to an angle of 25 degrees, compared to the Benq PD3200U’s 5-degree tilt. This allows users to set their monitor up for comfortable viewing angles and reduce eye strain. Additionally, this extra tilt could be beneficial for those who need a more adjustable standing setup or use multiple monitors side by side – making sure they’re all at the same height when viewed from the front. With its increased range of motion and user-friendly design, the LG 32UN880 is a great choice if you need a monitor with plenty of adjustability options.

The LG 32UN880 offers more than double the swivel range of the Benq PD3200U, with 280 degrees compared to 45 degrees. This makes it possible for users to adjust their monitor’s angle without moving around the entire stand or taking up extra desk space. This increased range of motion is especially beneficial for those who need multiple displays side by side, as they can easily adjust each one individually and ensure that everything is perfectly aligned.

Display Area

The LG 32UN880 has a slightly larger display area than the Benq PD3200U, with 801 mm compared to 709 mm. This means that users can fit more content onto their screen and have a wider range of options when it comes to viewing multiple windows or documents side by side. The extra display area could also be beneficial for those who work with multimedia, as they could get more out of their monitor’s resolution in terms of clarity and detail. On top of this, the LG 32UN880 also offers additional features such as improved brightness and contrast ratios – making it an ideal option for anyone looking for the best quality visuals.

HDCP Comparison

The LG 32UN880 has an updated version of the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection standard, with HDCP 2.3 compared to BenQ PD3200U’s HDCP 2.2. This means that users can access content faster and better than ever, as this latest iteration offers improved security protocols and compatibility with various media sources. Such enhanced performance is especially beneficial for those who need ultra-high-resolution visuals for gaming or other activities – allowing them to enjoy smoother streaming and more reliable playback even in high-resolution formats.

Pros and Cons

BenQ PD3200U:


  1. More certifications: The BenQ PD3200U has more certifications (Energy Star 7.0, EPEAT Silver, and TCO Certified Display 7.0) compared to the LG 32UN880 (CB Scheme and RCM CISPR 32), ensuring compliance with industry safety and quality standards.
  2. Higher power consumption: While not a pro for energy efficiency, the higher power consumption (110 watts) could indicate better performance or additional features compared to the LG 32UN880 (45 watts).


  1. Higher power consumption: The BenQ PD3200U has a higher power consumption (110 watts) than the LG 32UN880 (45 watts), making it less energy-efficient and potentially more expensive to operate in the long run.
  2. Limited tilt and swivel range: The BenQ PD3200U offers a more limited tilt (5 degrees down) and swivel range (45 degrees) compared to the LG 32UN880 (25 degrees down, 280 degrees swivel), reducing adjustability and viewing angle options.

LG 32UN880:


  1. Lower power consumption: The LG 32UN880 has a lower power consumption (45 watts) compared to the BenQ PD3200U (110 watts), making it more energy-efficient and potentially saving on electricity costs.
  2. Greater tilt and swivel range: The LG 32UN880 offers a larger tilt (25 degrees down) and swivel range (280 degrees) than the BenQ PD3200U (5 degrees down, 45 degrees swivel), providing more flexibility for comfortable viewing angles and monitor positioning.


  1. Fewer certifications: The LG 32UN880 has fewer certifications (CB Scheme and RCM CISPR 32) compared to the BenQ PD3200U (Energy Star 7.0, EPEAT Silver, and TCO Certified Display 7.0), which could raise concerns about safety and quality standards for some users.


Overall, the LG 32UN880 offers a great upgrade compared to the Benq PD3200U. With its improved tilt range, larger display area, and updated HDCP version, it is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a quality monitor with plenty of features. Whether you need one for work or entertainment purposes, the LG 32UN880 won’t disappoint. Additionally, its competitive price point makes it a highly cost-effective option – making it the perfect monitor for any budget-conscious user.

The Benq PD3200U and the LG 32UN880 are high-quality monitors suitable for various tasks. However, the Benq PD3200U has a higher color accuracy and is ideal for color-critical work, while the LG 32UN880 has a wider range of connectivity options. Therefore, the decision between the two will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

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