BenQ pd3205u or Dell u3223qe? Full Comparison

This post will compare the BenQ PD3205U and the Dell U3223QE monitors at a detailed level.

The contrast ratio of Dell U3223QE is 2000:1 while Benq PD3205U’s contrast ratio is 1000:1. So Dell U3223QE has double the contrast ratio of Benq PD3205U. A higher contrast ratio in a monitor is beneficial because it produces deeper blacks and brighter whites, providing better overall picture quality than monitors with lower contrast ratios. The higher the contrast ratio, the greater the color fidelity, making images appear more realistic.

In another post, we have also compared the Dell u3223qe and Dell u3219q, so if you’re looking for a comparison between those two monitors, you can check it out.


The brightness of Benq PD3205U is 350nits while the Dell U3223QE is 400nits, so its means that Dell U3223QE is 50 nits brighter.

Both monitors have an IPS display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and a response time of 5ms. They both offer a refresh rate of 60Hz to provide smooth visuals even when playing action-packed games or watching videos.

Dell U3223QE offers better color accuracy and vibrancy due to its higher contrast ratio and higher brightness, perfect for professionals who need accurate colors for editing photos or videos.

Comparison Table

Comparing these two monitors side-by-side allows you to identify the differences in their features and performance, such as contrast ratio, brightness, response time, power consumption, and support for SD/SDHC cards. Ultimately, comparing BenQ pd3205u and Dell U3223qe allows you to choose the monitor that best suits your needs.

  Features    Benq pd3205u  Dell u3223qe
  Brand  BenQ  Dell
  Model      pd3205u  u3223qe
  Dimensions (H*W*D mm)   589 x714.7 x 256.8  711.2 x 408.94 x 55.88
  Net Weight without stand (kg)    6.4  5.5
  Height Adjustment    110 mm  150 mm
  Pivot    90°  90°
  Tilt (down/up)    -5° ~ 20°  -5° ~ 21°
  Swivel (left/right)    30° / 30°    45° / 45°  
  Screen Size    31.5″  31.5″
  Panel Type    IPS  IPS
  Resolution  3840×2160  3840 x 2160p Ultra HD/ UHD +4k/2160p
  Brightness    250-350nits  350 nits
  Contrast    1000:1  1000:1
  Display Colors    1.07 Billion  1.07 Billion
  Color Bit    30bits  30 bits + 10Bit Panel Depth
  Color Gamut    RGBs  RGBs
  Display Area in mm    801mm  801mm
  Aspect Ratio    16:9  16:9
  Response Time    5ms(GtG)  5ms – 8ms
  Viewing Angle    178 by 178  178 by 178
  Flicker-free Technology    Yes  Yes
  Screen Coating    Anti-Glare  Anti-Glare
  Eye Protector    Yes  Yes
  Low Blue Light    Yes  Yes
  Built-in Speaker    2.5W x2  No
  Audio Line In    Yes  Yes
  Headphone Jack    Yes  Yes
  Color Temperature (feature)    Normal  + User Mode + Reddish + Bluish  Normal  + User Mode + Reddish + Bluish  
  AMA (feature)    Yes  Yes
  HDCP    2.3  2.3
  Card Reader    Formats SD / SDHC  No
  Video Format Support    Yes    Yes
  KVM    Yes  Yes
  Animation mode    Yes    _______
  Dual View    yes  Yes
  CAD/CAM mode    Yes  Yes
  OSD controller    Yes  Yes
  DisplayPort    DP1.4  DP1.4
  Mini Port    DP 1.2 X 1  DP 1.2 X 1
  HDMI    1 x  HDMI 2.0  1 x  HDMI 2.0
  USB    2 xType-c 2×3.0 + 2 xType-B + 2×3.0 + 3×3.2  1 x USB-C (USB 3.2 Gen 1) + 4 x SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen1)
  Power Consumption    <110W  <110W
  Typical Power Consumption    31.5W  26W
  Max Power Consumption    168W  169W
  Certification    1.TUV Certificate 2.Solidworks 3.calman verified  1.ENERGY STAR® 2.TCO Certified Edge, 3. EPEAT® Gold
  Software    Display  Pilot      ______
  Lunching Date    2021  2022
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Built-in speakers

BenQ pd3205u has two speakers, 2.5 watts each, while Dell u3223qe doesn’t have built-in speakers. So if you are looking for an all-in-one monitor with built-in speakers, BenQ pd3205u is the better choice.

Having built-in speakers in BenQ pd3205u can eliminate the need for additional external sound equipment. They provide a convenient way to enjoy music and multimedia content without using extra cables or taking up desk space with extra devices. Built-in speakers also allow you to adjust the volume directly from the monitor without needing to use an external audio device like headphones or a speaker system.


Dell u3223qe has an RJ45 port used to connect to the internet. BenQ PD3205U does not have this feature, so you need to use a separate cable if you want to access the Internet. That said, Dell U3223QE is more suitable for people looking for an all-in-one monitor with gaming and productivity in mind.

RJ-45 port

In terms of price, Benq PD3205U is more affordable than Dell U3223QE. So it depends on your needs and budget which one suits you better.

Regarding connectivity, both Benq PD3205U and Dell U3223QE have identical options. Both monitors support HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 ports for video inputs and USB Type-C connection for data transfer and charging devices. The two monitors also include two USB 3.0 ports each, so you can easily connect external devices directly to the monitor without having to go through your computer first.

In terms of color accuracy, Dell U3223QE has a slight edge over Benq PD3205U. Dell U3223QE offers 99% sRGB coverage compared to 98% on Benq PD3205U, making the former better suited for professional graphic design tasks.


Regarding ergonomics, both monitors offer good adjustability with tilt, swivel, and height adjustment available on both models. Benq PD3205U also offers a pivot option which is very handy for multi-screen setups. In terms of aesthetics, Dell U3223QE has a sleek design with thin bezels, while Benq PD3205U has thicker bezels but provides a slightly more stylish look overall.

Dell u3223qe has more swivel in the left and right direction up to 45 degrees while  BenQ pd3205ucan swivel up to 30 degrees.

Having a swivel monitor like Dell u3223qe can be beneficial as it allows you to adjust the monitor’s angle easily without moving the entire unit. This makes it easier to find the best viewing angle when using multiple monitors or to share the monitor with someone else.

Audio line

Both of these monitors have an audio line and a headphone jack. Having an audio line in and a headphone jack on a monitor can be extremely beneficial as it allows you to connect external audio sources like microphones or speakers easily. This makes recording audio, playing music, and enjoying movies easier without additional cables or external sound equipment.

An audio line also allows you to create a virtual surround sound experience by connecting multiple monitors with different audio outputs. Additionally, the headphone jack provides a convenient way to listen privately without making noise for those around you. Ultimately, having an audio line in and a headphone jack makes your monitor much more versatile regarding multimedia content.


The weight of Benq PD3205U is 10.3 kg while the Dell U3223QE weight is 9.40 kg, so it means that Benq PD3205U is 0.9kg heavier. So what is the benefit of monitoring weight?

A lighter monitor can be extremely beneficial as it allows you to move the monitor around easily and adjust its position when necessary. This makes it easier for people who frequently use multiple monitors or need to share their screens with others. Additionally, a lighter monitor can also allow for more flexible ergonomic features such as adjustable height and tilt settings which are important for preventing neck and back strain.


The dimension(WxHxD) of Dell U3223QE is 71.4 x 47.0 x 23.4 cm, and the dimension of BenQ PD3205U is 70.9 x 58.4 x 25.4 cm. It means that the height of PD3205U is almost 10 cm higher than Dell U3223QE. So, what is the benefit of a taller monitor?

A taller monitor can be incredibly beneficial as it allows you to fit more content onto the screen at once, making it easier to work with multiple windows or applications. This makes multitasking much simpler and allows you to get more done in less time. Additionally, having a taller monitor also means that there is more room for side-by-side comparison between documents which is useful for graphic design, coding, and other tasks. Finally, a taller monitor can provide an improved viewing angle by allowing you to tilt the display up and down so that your eyes are level with the center of the screen.

The depth of BenQ is almost 2 cm more as compared to Dell. Having a monitor with more depth can be extremely beneficial as it allows for more ports and connectors to be integrated into the design. Additionally, having a deeper monitor like BenQ PD3205U helps improve airflow, so your display stays cool and prevents overheating.

Power Consumption

The typical power consumption of  BenQ pd3205u is 31.5 watts, and that of Dell u3223qe is 26 watts. So what is the benefit of having a lower power consumption?

Having a monitor with lower power consumption, like Dell u3223qe, can be extremely beneficial as it saves money on your electricity bills. Additionally, using less power helps reduce your carbon footprint and contributes to a greener environment. Finally, having a monitor that uses less power also helps extend its lifespan by reducing the heat generated, which is important for keeping all components in good condition. Ultimately, having a low-power consumption monitor can help you save money and be more environmentally friendly.

Height Adjustment

Dell u3223qe offers more height adjustment as compared to BenQ pd3205u.

Having a monitor with height adjustment can be incredibly beneficial as it allows you to adjust the display to reduce neck and back strain. An adjustable height helps keep your eyes level with the center of the screen, helping to reduce eye fatigue and headaches. Additionally, an adjustable-height monitor allows you to customize your viewing experience by positioning the display in different positions, such as standing or sitting.

SD / SDHC card slots

SD (Secure Digital) and SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards are memory cards used in digital cameras, camcorders, and other devices. They are designed to store large amounts of data, such as photos, videos, music, etc.

BenQ pd3205u supports SD/SDHC cards, while Dell u3223qe lacks this feature.

Using SD/SDHC cards in your BenQ pd3205u TV can be extremely beneficial as they provide a convenient way to store and access media on your television. Additionally, using these cards allows you to quickly share photos, videos, and audio files with friends and family directly from your television. They also make it easy to transfer content from other devices, such as your computer or smartphone. In addition, using an SD/SDHC card also provides extra storage space for your TV, which is useful if you want to store additional content without needing to purchase separate external storage drives.

KVM Switch

BenQ pd3205u and Dell u3223qe have a built-in KVM switch, allowing you to connect two computers simultaneously.

A built-in KVM switch is a cost-effective and convenient way to control multiple computers from one display. It allows users to easily switch between two or more devices without needing extra hardware, cables, or manual intervention. With the ability to control multiple machines with a single display, you can save time and resources while reducing clutter in your workspace. Additionally, the built-in KVM switch on both BenQ pd3205u and Dell u3223qe allows for a streamlined workflow, as you can easily toggle between multiple devices without needing to switch cables or keyboards manually.


The PIP/PBP feature on both BenQ pd3205u and Dell u3223qe allows users more flexibility when multitasking and viewing multiple sources of information simultaneously. This feature can also be used to watch movies while doing other tasks such as browsing the internet or working on documents. Ultimately, having this feature provides greater flexibility and convenience when viewing multiple sources of information at once.

PPI comparison

Pixel per inch (PPI) measures the density of pixels on display. The higher the PPI, the more pixels it has and the greater the level of detail that can be displayed. BenQ pd3205u has a pixel per inch of 140, while Dell u3223qe has a pixel per inch of 137. The higher pixel per inch of BenQ pd3205u offers more detail and sharper images, making it the better choice for those who want a clearer image on their monitor. Additionally, having a higher pixel per inch provides greater color accuracy and vibrancy, which helps make the visuals look more realistic and lifelike.


Dell u3223qe has ENERGY STAR® (energy saving), TCO Certified Edge, and EPEAT® Gold (Environment and social friendly) while BenQ pd3205u has TUV Certificate (Safety testing), Solidworks (Mechanical design), and Calman verified (Color Quality).

Overall, the Benq PD3205U and Dell U3223QE are two great 4K monitors that provide excellent image quality and have plenty of features to appeal to different needs. The Dell U3223QE offers slightly better color accuracy, making it ideal for graphic design work. However, Benq PD3205U offers better ergonomic features and a more stylish look overall. So, if you’re looking for a great 4K monitor with plenty of features, the two monitors mentioned here are worth considering.

The BenQ PD3205U is the better choice for professionals who need precise and consistent color accuracy. At the same time, the Dell U3223QE is a good option for consumers who need a more budget-friendly monitor with a wide range of connectivity options.

The choice between them ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments section below.

Happy shopping! 🙂

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