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10 Best Monitor for Photo Editing under 200 in 2021

Best Monitor for Photo Editing under 200

Everybody has their own requirements when we look for the monitors for themselves. Some may buy for editing, others may look for gamings and the list goes on. When we look for the best monitor for photo editing, you will find them very expensive. Now the high price becomes a demotivating factor for many. But if we say you can have the best monitor for photo editing under $200? Yes, you heard it right. Not many but there are certain monitors in the market that are the best for editing. Though there were not many computers back then, but now the computers in the market are increasing in this range. Especially, when we talk about photo editing, it is difficult work which requires a specific monitor with proper detailing. 

Here, you will find some of the affordable monitors for photo editing. Look at the list of best monitor for photo editing under $200



1. Philips 246E9QDSB 24″ frameless monitor Enhanced color spectrum

1. Philips 246E9QDSB 24" frameless monitor- Enhanced color spectrum


  • With ultra wide technology, you get the best color quality for better pictures.
  • Minimum borders on it allows the large display of the pictures for better vision.
  • Get the perfect angle from all sides as it has a large wide viewing angle as it has IPS angle.
  • Low Blue technology of Philips provides a good vision without putting strain in your eyes and causing damage.
  • LED backlit screen provides a good brightness without flickering and causing damage to the eye.

Not just for photo editing but it is well known for gaming. Refresh rate of 75 HZ is quite good for playing. With an IPS panel, you get a proper viewing from all the angles. And also the color quality is good so you get the best edited pictures. Along with that, it has a lowBlue technology for providing better vision without damaging your eyes. 

Having a non-flickering technology allows you to use it for various purposes without compromising with the brightness of it. Screen display size of 24 inches is sufficient. Large display along with narrow borders provides a better vision without distracting you in any way. Maximum screen resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels gives an enhanced picture. Quite affordable it is, but it has thick bezels and low tilting angles. 

  • Stylish design and looks
  • Better color contrast
  • Narrow borders of PC
  • Does not flicker
  • Proper colors for editing
  • Thick bezels
  • Low tilting angles

Because of the amazing color contrast, it is one of the best monitor for photo editing under $200. Narrow borders allow a better vision on the screen which is a requirement for photo editing as well. Also, it has a stylish look and provides a wide angle from all the sides. With the best technology involved, it does not put much strain on your eyes.

2. Sceptre IPS 24-Inch Business Computer Monitor- Dual display setup

2. Sceptre IPS 24-Inch Business Computer Monitor- Dual display setup


  • Sharp view sight, it gives a wide viewing angle for the user, be it for editing or gaming or any other purpose.
  • Having a quick response time, it prevents the display on the screen from getting blurred.
  • 75 HZ refresh rate allows a smooth working along with providing smooth picture clarity.
  • Blue light shift allows a clear picture without putting strain on your eyes and damaging them.
  • Built-in speakers on the monitor have a good amount of volume for attending con calls and video calls.

24 inches screen size is sufficiently big for the proper vision. Wide view angles are appropriate for proper view from all angles. Also, it has a fast responding time so that the images on the monitor do not get blurred vision. Refresh rate of 75 Hz benefits in a smooth and clear picture. 1080 pixel resolution provides the best picture even when zoomed in.

Built-in speakers are not outstanding but good enough for attending conference calls and video calls. Overall quality is amazing that you can do all the work in it related to graphics. Blue light featured in it is for users who spend several hours on the screen. For them, they do not get strain on their eyes even if they work on it for long hours. 

  • Quick response time
  • Does not flicker
  • LED display type
  • Integrated speakers
  • Smooth shift in pictures
  • No power attachment
  • Fixed height of stand


With a 75 Hz refresh rate, it has a smooth and fast changing time. Also, LED displays have better picture clarity and color quality which is a must for photo editing. Wide viewing angles facilitate appropriate view from all angles. Blue light does not have a negative impact on your eyes, rather it is good for working on a computer. In addition, it has an in-built speaker for attending calls. With so many benefits, it definitely makes the best monitor for photo editing under $200.

3. ASUS PB287Q 28″ 4K/ UHD 3840×2160 Monitor- 4 K UHD resolution pictures

3. ASUS PB287Q 28" 4K/ UHD 3840x2160 Monitor- 4 K UHD resolution pictures


  • Most important and positive feature is that it provides 4 K HD resolution pictures that have the best clarity.
  • Large display size provides even more space for better working even when multiple taskbars are open.
  • Video Intelligence technology features help in making the colors and pictures more effective.
  • Smooth colors and refresh rate make it useful for gaming, video and photo editing, and other purposes.
  • One can easily adjust the height according to their seating position for long working hours.

Some of the high quality monitors come from Asus. 28 inch screen size is the perfect size for better display size of the pictures and videos. During editing, a large display can be a prerequisite for better picture quality. Having a weight of 17 pounds approx, it has a sleek design. Because of its large screen and picture quality, it is mainly preferred by gamers and editors. 

Including a video intelligence technology, it makes the picture clearer along with the color contrast. Along with that, you can mount it on the wall if you prefer to watch movies or anything. 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution gives a clarity in picture rather than a blur image. Furthermore, you can customize the height as you wish without hurting your back. Plus, it has a blue technology for working without straining your eyes.

  • 4 K UHD resolution
  • Ideal for gamers
  • Large screen size
  • Effective picture quality
  • Adjustable height of screen
  • Comparatively low refresh rate
  • Less durability


With 4 K UHD picture quality, pictures look real and therefore ideal for gamers as well as the best monitor for photo editing under 200. Screen size is large enough for the big display of images and the high resolution makes sure that it does not show blur images. Adjustable height of screen further makes your seating more comfortable as you can adjust the screen as per your comfort. 

4. Dell P Series 21.5″ Screen LED-Lit Monitor- Rich and contrast colors

4. Dell P Series 21.5" Screen LED-Lit Monitor- Rich and contrast colors


  • Not too heavy, it has a sleek design for making room for other things as well as it has an impressive look.
  • Non-flickering screen allows you to work better without putting much strain on your eyes.
  • View of the screen is not just comfortable but also clearer from all sides or angles.
  • Just like any other photo editing monitor, it also has amazing colors on the screen.
  • As you can adjust the height with ease, it becomes easy for you to work for several hours.

Being one of the best monitor for photo editing under $200, it has amazing color contrasts to impress. Also, the colors make the image on the screen look more real. Not that heavy, the design is impressive as the screen is really sleek. Because of the compact size, you can make way for other things in your room. Not just for video and photos editing or gaming, but also it is used for business purposes. 

Screen made non-flickering makes it easier for you as it does not tire your eyes or weekend your eyesight. Though the screen size is not big enough, the display is comparatively good. Also, the height of the stand is adjustable for doing work sitting in a comfortable position. Screen size of approx 21 inches is small if we compare it to other monitors of similar purpose.

  • Not so heavy
  • Color contrasts are impressive
  • Sufficient color saturation
  • Clear view from all angles
  • Quite efficient
  • Low picture resolution
  • Small display size


Because of its sleek design and various mounting types, you can place it according to your comfort. Featuring it with enough color saturation, it has an amazing view and also the pictures look real. With bezels on 3 sides, you have an equal view from all sides. Also, it has 7 ports for various connectivity. Easily carryable as it is not much heavy. 

5. HP VH240a 23.8-Inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor- Quick response time

5. HP VH240a 23.8-Inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor- Quick response time


  • Response time of 5 ms is highly capable of changing images for faster and smoother working.
  • Enjoy the ultra-wide view from all angles with narrow bezels on three sides.
  • AMazing views from all sides as it has 90 degree rotation for both landscape as well as portrait mode.
  • Connectivity is better with VGA and HDMI as it has the assistance of HDCP for both laptops or even several monitors.
  • Mount the monitor either on walls or make it stand on the stand as it has a VESA pattern.

23.8 inches screen size of the monitor is a good size but not that big when we compare it to other monitors with a screen size of 26 or 28 inches. Monitor with IPS technology provides around 2 million pixels and millions of colors. More than anything, it has a response time of 5 ms for fluid motion and quick changing. 8 Gb RAM is quite sufficient to run multiple windows at a time.

Having a wall mounting type means you can either use the monitor by either keeping it on stand or simply mount it on wall. Along with several benefits, it also has a 90 degrees rotation for both vertical as well as horizontal angles. Included in it are built-in speakers which are not loud enough yet good enough for attending calls. Also, there are no headphone hooks on it.

  • Best view from all sides
  • 90 degree rotation of landscape and portrait
  • Built-in speakers
  • Workspace is customizable
  • Ease of connectivity
  • No hook for headphones
  • Sound quality could be better


With 90 degrees rotation for landscape and portrait mode makes it possible to have a clear view from all the angles. Plus, there are integrated speakers for you to enjoy the music or attend voice or video calls. Also, you can enjoy your workspace by making the necessary adjustments for the monitor like pivot adjustments or changing height or even mount it on the wall. 

6. Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches Full HD Monitor- Features IP technology

6. Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches Full HD Monitor- Features IP technology


  • Having a very sleek design, it will surely impress you with its looks and performance.
  • Visuals are at its best as it has an IPS display in addition to thin and stylish looks.
  • Frameless display allows you to have the most of it as without any borders, it looks even more wide.
  • With a weight of around 5 pounds, it is super light to carry it or hold it.
  • IP technology featured in the monitor gives the best color quality that also makes it clearer to view from all sides without any color difference.

Coming in 3 different sizes, the prices increase as you go for the bigger size. But there are several monitors coming at the similar price with bigger screens. As we have reviewed the best monitor for photo editing under 200, we took the screen size of 21.5. inch. Being frameless or you say zero framework, you can enjoy the supreme wide view from the front.

Fully High Definition along with the resolutions of 1920 X 1080 pixels provides the wide view and clear pictures even after zooming in. Refresh rate of 75 HZ along with 4 ms response time is sufficient for easy changing of the screen. Lightweight as it is just 5.6 pounds so you can carry it if it is required. Though you can enjoy light games, it does not support heavy games.

  • Sleek design of monitor
  • Very thin framework
  • Provides amazing visuals
  • Lightweight to hold
  • Bright colors on screen
  • Not for gaming
  • Not compatible with VESA


One of the sleekest as well as narrow thin design monitors it is. Narrow frames from all sides make the view look wider. Moreover, so many colors and IP technology allows you to enjoy the best color quality even if you watch it from any angle. Because of its brightness and colors, you can watch movies on it or any other content besides the photo editing.

7. Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415 Monitor- Anti theft lock stand 

7. Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415 Monitor- Anti theft lock stand 


  • Ensures clear pictures and and the best screen performance with a screen size of 24 inches.
  • LED monitor provides the High Definition as well as bright colors for providing the amazing pictures on screen look real.
  • Provides extra security to the monitor as it features an anti-theft lock feature to protect it from getting lost.
  • With a certification of Blue light technology, it saves your eyes from rays coming from the monitor and protects them from getting weak.
  • Stylish and sleek base makes room for other appliances on the table as it has enough space.

Screen gives a full HD goal on its 24-inch screen. Perhaps this item is the most sensible screen of the Dell brand that is accessible at the least cost and that works with the photograph editors with the best presentation of the screen by giving 99% sRGB inclusion. Furthermore, the screen offers visual help to the photograph editors in rejuvenating real nature in video design. To see with flawlessness the screen offers IPS innovation to the photo editors.

Flash free innovation is a cutting edge innovation inbuilt to outwardly uphold the clients. The basically borderless plans and multi-screen arrangement is pertinent. During photograph altering, the auto reestablishing capacity is perhaps the best element that lets the clients stop and restart the work from where they have left it on the Dell Display Manager. It takes restricted space on the client’s work areas as it has a slender board profile that can be shifted, and turned. Other than that the link the board framework is progressed to such an extent that permits the link mess practically unimaginable and assists with zeroing in on the errands in a further developed way. 

  • Configuration is easy
  • Looks are highly impressive
  • Prices are affordable
  • Anti glare screen surface
  • 1080 pixel resolution
  • Brightness is average
  • Lacks Type C port


Having an anti-theft lock stand is something that makes it different from several other monitors. Stand is highly adjustable for positioning ikt according to your height. Coming at an affordable price, it has several other features like anti glare screen surface. Also, the blue light technology makes it suitable to work on computers without putting strain in your eyes. 

8. LG 32GN50T-B 32″ Class Ultragear FHD Gaming Monitor- Suitable for gaming

8. LG 32GN50T-B 32" Class Ultragear FHD Gaming Monitor- Suitable for gaming


  • 32 inch wide screen which is quite difficult to find at this price range is wide enough for the best and the big display.
  • Outstanding picture quality makes it suitable for photo editors as it is important that the picture quality is good.
  • Refresh rate or around 160 HZ is sufficient for providing smooth working during changing taskbars and everything.
  • Also because of the high refresh rate and RAm, it is quite sufficient for you to enjoy lag-free games.
  • Even during objects moving fast on-screen, it captures beautiful pictures with amazing colors and quality.

With the refresh rate of 165 Hertz, the item offers a quick reaction time. In addition, the picture is less spread and in quick items, the image quality is productively caught. Also, the flash-free backdrop illumination is given.The SDR shading range is truly amiable by the clients. With more prominent movement taking care of another element of this screen is that it offers high difference proportions that offer profound dark shades effectively. Sadly, the shading range isn’t upheld in this model. 

Else, it battles ordinarily with the lighting tones. Tones are overseen precisely by this item. These inconceivable highlights make this gadget the best monitor for photo editing under 200. High-goal 32-inch wide screen with great lighting up capacity, the item is a decent choice to purchase in a low estimated range. The screen offers numerous characteristics that may incorporate a quicker reaction time, low info slack, and a high invigorate rate.

  • Ease of compatibility
  • Enjoy lag-free games
  • Quick response time
  • Outstanding color accuracy
  • Bezel-free display
  • Unavailability of USB ports
  • No adjustments of height


Mainly for photo editors and gamers, as it has a high refresh rate and fast responding time. Colors are so accurate for the photographers to edit them accurately. Also making sure that you enjoy lag-free games, it is one of the best monitor for photo editing under $200. With ease of compatibility, you can easily make it suit well with other devices as well. Display feature works well for the ease of working on it. 

9. ViewSonic 24 Inch Frameless 60hz IPS 1080p Monitor – Flicker-free movements

9. ViewSonic 24 Inch Frameless 60hz IPS 1080p Monitor- Flicker-free movements


  • Flicker-free movements on screen make it capable enough to work without causing any negative effects to your eyes.
  • Be it for gaming, editing or even watching movies, the picture quality is outstanding.
  • Zero framework means there is no outer body on the screen therefore, you can enjoy the movies that are wide and big enough.
  • Color quality and brightness works so well that you have an amazing view that does not depend on the angle you are sitting.
  • For increased efficiency and comfortable working, you have various adjustments for the monitor to work with.

1920 x 1080 pixel resolution pictures work well to get the best clarity pictures on the screen along with the detailing. Because of the brightness, it provides the same view from all sides, meaning that the screen does not look black from some places. Blue light technology along with zero flickers serves the purpose of ease of working without affecting much of your eyes.

No frames on the border of the screen makes for an amazing display and a wider one. Several adjustments of screen like pivot, height adjustments, etc can be done for doing your work while sitting in a comfortable position. With 16.7 million colors, it makes it ideal for photo editing. 24 inches screen size and LCD display has some amazing offering for editors.

  • Wide angle for view
  • Several adjustments on screen
  • Better seating comfort
  • Zero framework of monitor
  • Ease of connectivity
  • Screen bleeding may deteriorate
  • Gaming feature is not that efficient


To make it suitable for wider display, they made it frameless, which means there is no framework on the boundary. Furthermore, the view from all sides is outstanding because of the quality of colors. Also, you can adjust the height of the stem as you feel comfortable working in. Connectivity is a lot easier as it has ports for working. 

10. SAMSUNG LC24F390FHNXZA 24-inch Curved LED Gaming Monitor- AMD Freesync Technology

10. SAMSUNG LC24F390FHNXZA 24-inch Curved LED Gaming Monitor- AMD Freesync Technology


  • Amazing view experience along with providing comfort you get with the 1800 R screen curvature.
  • Even when you watch movie scenes or any other normal video at a faster speed enjoying smooth working.
  • Eco-Saving plus mode assists in saving energy as it automatically adjusts the brightness.
  • 24 inch screen size which is curved in shape gives you the best viewing experience when doing work.
  • Eye saver mode does not impact your eyes as it decreases the blue light technology.

Wide screen of 24 inches is comparatively smaller than many other monitors under this budget. This component gives a vivid encounter to the editors to do the altering undertakings with additional effectiveness and delicacy. The screen accompanies various great credits drawn to be bought at an occasion. With 1800R bend, a particularly quality screen is elusive in such a value range. When contrasted with the other comparable screen its difference proportion is far prevalent.

It totally drenches the clients into the screen. Moreover, on account of eye solace, it is restoratively the best one to be utilized as it dodges eye strain by its brilliantly given significantly bent screen. The screen is super thin, it is 11.9mm more extensive and the stand is additionally round fit. These unfathomable highlights make this gadget the best monitor for photo editing under $200.

  • Protects your eyes
  • Saves a lot of energy
  • Outstanding picture quality
  • Amazing gaming experience
  • Sleek design
  • Adjusting it is difficult
  • Does not include integrated speakers


Suitable for setting up several monitors at a time, it has a curved design for a better and comforting view. Plus, it saves a lot of energy with the Eco saving plus as it adjusts the brightness. Moreover, it has a sleek design and wide view for proper working. Providing you the amazing gaming experience as it has AMD technology. Fast moving objects in the screen are also well-captured.



  • Resolution- In the event that you can get more, all the better for you! This 1920×1080 ought to be your base benchmark for top-quality visuals on screen. Pixel thickness can likewise be utilized as a proportion of how great your screen’s freshness is. This is found as pixels per inch (PPI), where the higher it is, the better. For under 200, you can undoubtedly grab a full HD goal which is ideal for your altering work. 
  • Aspect ratio- For photograph altering, you ought to select a 16:9 perspective proportion or a widescreen viewpoint proportion. This is appropriate for your work since it allows you to have some room as an afterthought to keep your devices up for editing. It is pretty entirely expected in most current screens, so it is genuinely simple to discover. This essentially makes your work somewhat simpler.
  • Size- Since you are looking for the best monitor for photo editing under $200, it’s anything but a roomy one. This will allow you to see and pass judgment on your work unmistakably so you can roll out the vital improvements required. A 24-inch is generally appropriate for this kind of work that will give a great deal of altering while holding tone upgrading highlights. This is agreeable to the eyes and permits you to perform multiple tasks also.
  • IPS Screen- In-plane exchanging or IPS innovation screens have a portion of the top tone and difference consistency that you need. More seasoned models for the most part have a TN or contorted nematic board which won’t give you similar outcomes as an IPS.
  • Flicker-free technology- Another component of large numbers of the new screens that are accessible in this value range. This innovation facilitates the utilization of screen evaluations for extended periods of time and evades eye strains by productive innovation. Innovation should be accessible in the item that the client needs to purchase.


1. Which monitors are the best for photo editing?

Some of the monitors best known for photo editing are-

  • Philips 246E9QDSB 24″ frameless monitor
  • Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches Full HD Monitor
  • LG 32GN50T-B 32″ Class Ultragear FHD Gaming Monitor
  • SAMSUNG LC24F390FHNXZA 24-inch Curved LED Gaming Monitor

2. What are the specifications required in a monitor for photo editing?

Specifications required in a monitor for photo editing are- 

  • Resolutions
  • Wider screen
  • IPS screen
  • Flicker-free
  • Connectivity
  • Aspect ratio

3. Do we need OLED for photo editing?

Natural LED shows don’t need a backdrop illumination for their pixels can radiate their own light. They have a more slender screen and can offer a brilliant survey point of around 84 degrees. Additionally, they convey preferable picture tones over LED shows, which makes them a decent choice for photograph altering.

4. How is widescreen helpful for photo editing?

Wider the screen, the better the view. When you edit a photo, it is important that there is a proper detailing for better editing. But usually when you buy a monitor at a low price, it’s difficult to find a wide screen. Although, there is a monitor with a 32 inch screen under 200, that is LG 32GN50T. 

5. What aspect ratio is necessary for photo editing?

3:2 is the ideal aspect ratio in the monitor for photo editing.


When you buy a monitor for photo editing as the main purpose, you need to look for specifications so that it is suitable for photo editing. And moreover, if you look for the best monitor for photo editing under $200, look for everything carefully. Budget is an important factor as the monitors for photo editing are very expensive. Infact, buying monitors under $200 are difficult to find. So, there are some of the best monitors for photo editing but out of them, there are 3 best monitors out of them because of their unique features-

  • Philips 246E9QDSB 24″ frameless monitor- Enhanced color spectrum, non-flickering technology, and widescreen display
  • LG 32GN50T-B 32″ Class Ultragear FHD Gaming Monitor- Large display size, suitable for gaming, and 160 Hz refresh rate.
  • SAMSUNG LC24F390FHNXZA 24-inch Curved LED Gaming Monitor- AMD technology, flickering-free screen and ideal screen size.

This article on the best monitor for photo editing under $200 will be helpful to you as it consists of 10 best monitors along with the buyer’s guide. 

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