Dell u3223qe or Dell u3219q? Which one to choose?

The Dell U3223QE and U3219Q are both great options for monitors. They both have a 31.5-inch IPS-Type LCD panel with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. The refresh rate on both monitors is 60 Hz, and the response time is 8ms. Both also have 1 3.5mm port and 1 HDMI port for connecting other devices.

When it comes to contrast ratio, however, there is a difference between the two monitors: The U3223QE has 2000:1. In contrast, the U3219Q has 1300:1. This means that the U3223QE will produce darker blacks and more vivid colors than the U3219Q — making it the better choice if you’re looking for a monitor with deeper blacks and richer colors.

A higher contrast ratio in Dell U3223QE means a greater range of color reproductions, which can result in more vivid visuals with greater detail.

Ultimately, the Dell U3223QE and the U3219Q are great monitors, but depending on your needs, one may be more suitable. If color vibrancy is important to you, then the U3223QE is worth considering — otherwise, either option should suffice.

Comparison Table

  Features    Dell u3223qe  Dell u3219q
  Brand  Dell  Dell
  Model      u3223qe  u3219q
  Dimensions (WxDxH)  28.1 in x 9.2 in x 18.5 in 28.1 x 8.7 x 24.3
  Net Weight without stand (kg)    5.5  5.8
  Height Adjustment    150 mm  150 mm
  Pivot    90°  90°
  Tilt (down/up)    -5° ~ 21°  -5° ~ 21°
  Swivel (left/right)    45° / 45°    30° / 30°  
  Screen Size    31.5″  31.5″
  Panel Type    IPS  IPS
  Resolution  3840 x 2160p Ultra HD/ UHD +4k/2160p  4k(3840 x 2160p)
  Brightness    500 nits  400 nits
  Contrast    1000:1  1300:1
  Display Colors    1.07 Billion  1.07 Billion
  Color Bit    30 bits + 10Bit Panel Depth  30 bits + 10Bit Panel Depth
  Color Gamut    RGBs  RGBs
  Display Area in mm    801mm  801mm
  Aspect Ratio    16:9  16:9
  Response Time    5ms – 8ms  5ms(Fast) – 8ms(normal)
  Viewing Angle    178 by 178  178 by 178
  Flicker-free Technology    Yes  Yes
  Screen Coating    Anti-Glare  Anti-Glare [3h]
  Eye Protector    Yes  Yes
  Low Blue Light    Yes  Yes
  Built-in Speaker    NoNo
  Audio Line In    Yes  Yes
  Headphone Jack    Yes  Yes
  Color Temperature (feature)    Normal  + User Mode + Reddish + Bluish    Normal  + User Mode + Reddish + Bluish  
  AMA (feature)    Yes  Yes
  HDCP    2.3  Yes
  Card Reader    No     _______
  Video Format Support    Yes  Yes
  KVM    Yes  Yes
  Animation mode      _______      ______
  Dual View    Yes  Yes
  CAD/CAM mode    Yes  Yes
  OSD controller    Yes  Yes
  DisplayPort    DP1.4  DP1.4
  Mini Port    DP 1.2 X 1  P 1.2 X 1
  HDMI    1 x  HDMI 2.0  1 x  HDMI 2.0
  USB    1 x USB-C (USB 3.2 Gen 1) + 4 x SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen1)  1 USB Type-C port (Alternate mode ) + 1 USB 3.0 (upstream port) + 2 USB 3.0 (downstream port )+2 USB withBC1.2 charging capability
  Power Consumption    <110W       _____
  Typical Power Consumption    26W  46W
  Max Power Consumption    169W  230W
  Certification    1.ENERGY STAR® 2.TCO Certified Edge, 3. EPEAT® Gold  1.ENERGY STAR® 2.EPEAT® 3.RoHS-compliant
  Software        ______       _____
  Lunching Date    2022  2018-update 2022

Price Comparison

The U3223QE is priced at 919.99$, while the U3219Q comes at 849.99$. Both offer sharp 4K Ultra HD resolutions and impressive color reproduction, making them ideal for content creators who need accurate visuals. However, there may be some differences between the two displays that could make either model more suitable depending on your needs and budget.

USB Ports comparison

USB Type-C ports are becoming increasingly important due to their versatile connection capabilities. They allow for faster data transfer speeds and can be used for charging devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

The Dell U3219Q and u3223qe differ in several ways. The most notable difference is that the u3223qe has twice as many USB Type-A ports, with five to the U3219Q’s four.

USB Type-A ports are important in a monitor because they allow users to connect their laptops, computers, and other devices easily. Furthermore, having more USB Type-A ports allows the user to have multiple connections without buying additional adapters or cables.

Both of these monitors have a single display port.

Display ports connect external devices such as laptops, computers, and other multimedia sources to a monitor. It allows users to fully utilize the display’s capabilities by allowing them to play audio and video content from their device on the larger screen.

Both of these monitors have a single USB Type-C port. This makes it easier for users to connect their laptops or devices with a single cable. These differences make it clear that each monitor serves a different purpose and should be chosen based on individual needs and preferences.

Dimension Comparison

Furthermore, the Dell U3219Q and u3223qe differ in size and weight. The Dell U3219Q is 28.1″ x 8.7″ x 24.3″ (WxDxH) and weighs 5.8 kg, while the Dell U3223QE dimension is 28.1″x 9.2″ x 18.5″ and weighs 10.3 kg, making it 4.5 kg heavier than its counterpart. Lastly, the price difference between the two models should also be considered when choosing which one to purchase; the price of the Dell U3223QE is 919.99$, while that of the Dell U3219Q is 849.99$.

Having a higher screen monitor allows you to adjust the screen height to reduce strain on your neck and back. This ensures that you are looking directly at the center of the screen instead of constantly looking downward, as is usually the case with lower monitors.

The depth of Dell U3223QE is more as compared to Dell U3219Q. A more depth monitor offers better cable management, as you can hide all your cables and power adapters behind the monitor itself. This makes for a much cleaner look and reduces clutter on your desk. Additionally, if you plan to use multiple monitors side-by-side, having extra depth ensures enough space between each one.

Design Comparison

The main difference between the two monitors is their design, with the Dell U3223QE having a more traditional design and the Dell U3219Q having a more modern design. The display features of both models are similar, but there may be some differences in things like support for HDR 10 content and input connections. Additionally, there is a price difference of 70$ between them, with the U3223QE being more expensive than the U3219Q.


The Dell U3223QE has an IPS panel with a peak brightness of 500 nits, while the U3219Q has a slightly lower peak brightness of 400 nits. This extra 100 nits of brightness on the U3223QE can help make colors more vivid and provide better viewing angles when watching content. Additionally, the brighter display may be beneficial for working in bright environments or using your monitor outdoors.

Builtin Speakers

Both Dell u3223qe and u3219q don’t have built-in speakers, so you’ll need to connect a separate set of external speakers to get sound from your monitor. External speakers can provide better audio quality than most built-in speaker systems and allow for more flexibility when adjusting the volume or changing the sound settings. Additionally, having an external speaker system doesn’t take up any extra space on your desk since the speakers are separate from the monitor.

Buying Experience

I ordered the Dell u3223qe and u3219q from Amazon during Black Friday and got a nice discount due to the holiday sale. The package arrived on time, with all items secured safely inside. After unpacking, I evaluated both monitors side by side and compared their features, design, size, brightness, and other factors. The monitors had all the necessary displays and USB Type-C ports that I needed, making it easy to connect them to my laptop. Ultimately, I decided to go with the Dell U3223QE due to its larger size and extra depth for better cable management. Overall, my experience with Amazon was great, and I highly recommend it as a place to purchase monitors. Thanks to the Black Friday sale, I got the monitor at a discounted price and had no trouble with the delivery or packing.


In conclusion, the Dell U3223QE and u3219q are great monitors for different reasons. The Dell U3223QE has a higher peak brightness and a larger size with extra depth for better cable management. On the other hand, the Dell U3219Q has a much more modern design and a lower price tag. Both of these monitors have display port connections to allow users to fully utilize their display capabilities, as well as USB Type-C ports for faster charging times. Ultimately which monitor you choose should be based on individual needs and preferences.

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