Samsung CJ890 vs. Samsung CHG90: A Battle of Ultra-Wide Monitors

The Samsung CJ890 and Samsung CHG90 are two impressive 49-inch ultra-wide monitors that cater to different user needs. While the CJ890 is targeted toward business and professional users, the CHG90 is designed for gaming enthusiasts. This article provides a detailed comparison of the Samsung CJ890 and CHG90, exploring their features, specifications, and pricing to help you make an informed decision.

Display Specifications:

Both the Samsung CJ890 and CHG90 boast ultra-wide 49-inch screens with a resolution of 3840×1080, delivering crisp and immersive visuals. However, they have different refresh rates, with the CJ890 offering a 144Hz refresh rate that can be adjusted to 60/120Hz, while the CHG90 has a consistent 144Hz refresh rate. These differences have a direct impact on the smoothness of visuals and the target user base for each monitor.

Response Time and FreeSync Technology:

The Samsung CJ890 has a 4ms response time and supports AMD FreeSync technology, which helps minimize screen tearing and stuttering for a smoother visual experience. On the other hand, the CHG90 boasts a faster 1ms response time and supports the more advanced AMD FreeSync 2 technology. This difference in response time and FreeSync technology makes the CHG90 better suited for gaming, as it can handle fast-paced action with minimal ghosting and motion blur.

Design Philosophy and Target Audience:

The CJ890 is designed with business and professional users in mind, offering a large, curved display that enhances productivity by providing ample screen real estate for multitasking. In contrast, the CHG90 is tailored to gamers, delivering an ultra-wide display for an immersive gaming experience. The curvature of both monitors helps reduce eye strain and allows for a more comfortable viewing experience during extended periods of use.


The dimensions of the Samsung 49″ CJ890 and Samsung 49″ CHG90 are slightly different. The CJ890 measures 47.4 x 20.7 x 15.0 inches, while the CHG90 is slightly more compact at 47.36 x 15.02 x 20.68 inches. These differences in dimensions may affect users’ preferences based on their desk space or setup requirements.

Release Date and Pricing:

The Samsung CJ890 and CHG90 were released in 2018 and 2017, respectively. The CJ890, being targeted at business and professional users, has a higher price tag of $1,548. In contrast, the gaming-oriented CHG90 is more affordable at $999.99. Users should consider their specific needs and budget when deciding which monitor to purchase.

The Deciding Factor

The Samsung CHG90 and Samsung CJ890 differ in two key aspects that influence their performance and visual capabilities. Firstly, the CHG90 boasts a faster response time of 1 ms, while the CJ890 has a slightly slower response time of 5 ms. A faster response time leads to reduced motion blur and ghosting, resulting in smoother visuals during fast-paced action, which is particularly advantageous for gaming enthusiasts. Secondly, the CHG90 is equipped with a Quantum Dot filter and HDR (High Dynamic Range) support, features that are absent in the CJ890. The Quantum Dot filter enhances color accuracy and vibrancy, while HDR support provides improved contrast and a broader range of colors, leading to more realistic and immersive visuals. These differences make the CHG90 better suited for gaming and multimedia consumption, while the CJ890 is more focused on productivity and multitasking.

KVM Switch in Samsung CJ890

One notable feature that sets the Samsung CJ890 apart from the CHG90 is the inclusion of a built-in KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) switch. This KVM switch allows users to control multiple computers or devices using just a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor setup. By simplifying the workspace and reducing clutter, the KVM switch enhances productivity, particularly for professionals who frequently work with multiple systems or devices. The absence of a KVM switch in the CHG90 indicates that this monitor is primarily focused on delivering a premium gaming and multimedia experience rather than catering to the productivity needs of business and professional users. The inclusion of a KVM switch in the CJ890 further solidifies its position as a versatile monitor designed for multitasking and efficient workspace management.

Samsung CJ890 Experience

I recently purchased the Samsung CJ890 from Amazon, and the process was quick and hassle-free. The monitor arrived promptly and in perfect condition, thanks to Amazon’s reliable shipping and packaging. The CJ890 has proven to be an excellent choice for my professional work and multitasking needs. The large, ultra-wide display provides ample screen real estate, enabling me to have multiple applications and documents open simultaneously. The built-in KVM switch has been a game-changer for my workflow, allowing me to switch between different systems seamlessly with just a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor setup. The monitor’s 5ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate also offer smooth visuals during casual gaming sessions, making it a well-rounded choice for both work and play.

Samsung CHG90 Experience

After using the Samsung CJ890 for a while, I decided to buy the Samsung CHG90 from Amazon as well to enhance my gaming setup. The purchasing experience was once again seamless and efficient, with the monitor arriving on time and in perfect condition. The CHG90 has exceeded my expectations in terms of gaming performance, thanks to its 1ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync 2 support. The ultra-wide curved display delivers an immersive gaming experience, pulling me into the action like never before. The Quantum Dot filter and HDR support provide stunning visuals with vibrant colors and impressive contrast. While the CHG90 may not have the KVM switch found in the CJ890, it more than makes up for it with its remarkable gaming capabilities.

Comparison Table

FeatureSamsung CJ890Samsung CHG90
Screen Size49 inches49 inches
Resolution3840×1080 (Ultra-Wide)3840×1080 (Ultra-Wide)
Refresh Rate144Hz (Adjustable 60/120Hz)144Hz
Response Time5ms1ms
FreeSync TechnologyAMD FreeSyncAMD FreeSync 2
Quantum Dot FilterNoYes
HDR SupportNoYes
KVM SwitchYesNo
Target AudienceBusiness & Professional UsersGamers
Dimensions47.4 x 20.7 x 15.0 inches47.36 x 15.02 x 20.68 inches
Release Date20182017


In summary, the Samsung CJ890 and Samsung CHG90 are both impressive ultra-wide monitors, but they cater to different audiences. The CJ890 is designed for business and professional users who value productivity and multitasking capabilities, while the CHG90 is tailored for gamers who seek immersive gameplay and smoother visuals. Ultimately, the choice between these two monitors will depend on individual preferences, needs, and budget constraints.

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