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ViewSonic VP2771 27″ 1440p Monitor Review

ViewSonic VP2771 27″ Monitor

Quick Features:

  • Comes with a premium panel for most connectivity options
  • Super clear IPS Panel
  • Unmatched color accuracy
  • It has Hardware Calibration Ready
  • It also has a frameless design

ViewSonic VP2771 27″ Monitor Review

ViewSonic VP2771 27" MonitorNext, we are looking at the ViewSonic VP2771 Monitor which has been made to provide the most unrivaled color accuracy that you could ask for especially if you are an artist. This is also extremely crucial for professional applications, the ViewSonic VP2771 WQHD monitor displays your work with the vivid and lifelike color it deserves.

Users will also get a SuperClear IPS panel and a sleek frameless design, so if you wish to link up the monitors’ then use the single-cable daisy-chaining of multiple monitors.

You get a device that is just about ready for any calibration of the hardware.  Finally, when we look towards the idea of color clarity and accuracy we see that this device has a Viewsonic collaboration kit as well. So it can deal with a little lacking color scheme and performance then this is the device for you. The ViewSonic collaboration Kit is sold separately which is a drawback but since it is an optional product, it isn’t so bad.

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This device also comes with the most amazing feature which is a built-In KVM Switch that basically means that if a lot of devices are connected simultaneously to your monitor, a built-in KVM switch allows you to quickly switch between peripheral devices, thus cutting down on clutter and the need for multiple.

  • Ultra-wide viewing angles
  • No warranty added

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